GE Signa HDXT 1.5T Equipment

The Signa HDXT 1.5T machine has been built on the high definition platform that we already know and trust. One huge benefit of purchasing a Signa HDXT 1.5T is the access that you will have too all the advanced clinical and GE exclusive applications such as Cube and IDEAL. When […]

Signa HDXT 3.0 T Equipment

The HDXT 3.0T machine will provide your clinic with a new range of diagnostic capability. This machine improves the signal to noise ratio that will provide your patients with more comfort taking imaging to a new level. When you buy the Signa HDXT 3.0T, you will be able to easily […]

GE Signa HDe 1.5T Equipment

The Signa HDe 1.5T machine by GE is an easy to use MRI system that will provide your clinic with high definition diagnostic imaging. The Signa HDe provides access to exclusive GE HD applications for MSK, head, neck, body and breast imaging. You will also have access to the signature […]

GE Discovery MR450 1.5T Equipment

The Discovery MR450 1.5T machine by GE has some of the most advanced capabilities of any 1.5T system on the market. The new technologies that this MRI is equipped with take 1.5T imaging to a whole new level which allows you to focus on your patients. It will provide your […]

Discovery MR750 3.0T System

The GE Discovery MR750 3.0T is a whole body magnetic resonance imaging scanner designed to support high resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio and fast scan times. This MRI system features a superconducting magnet that operates at 3.O Tesla. It is equipped with a data acquisition system that can accommodate up to […]