GE Signa HDXT 1.5T Equipment

The Signa HDXT 1.5T machine has been built on the high definition platform that we already know and trust. One huge benefit of purchasing a Signa HDXT 1.5T is the access that you will have too all the advanced clinical and GE exclusive applications such as Cube and IDEAL. When you buy the Signa HDXT 1.5T, you will be able to give more accurate diagnosis in your more challenging exams.
The Signa HDXT 1.5T machine comes equipped with a unique docking table system that allows you to easily prepare for your next exam while you are still scanning the current patient. It also has a stainless steel foundation that provides superior resistance to vibration at the site. It uses the IDEAL platform which is a technique that results in four images from just one acquisition.
Product Features

  • Provides superior onsite shimming technology
  • Advanced clinical applications
  • Zero tolerance design
  • IDEAL platform

For additional information on the GE Signa HDXT 1.5T system, please contact MRI Medical Equipment. We can provide high quality MRI equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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