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MRI Shielding

In addition to servicing all your needs for new and refurbished MRI scanners and parts, MRI Medical Equipment is ready to assist you with the best prices on MRI shielding enclosures.

We offer the most affordable prices on MRI shielding systems, along with the best customer service in the business. Plus, we can provide a customized solution for your MRI shielding needs, regardless of whether you buy a MRI scanner from us or not.

When it comes to versatility, you can’t go wrong if you purchase MRI shielding from MRI Medical Equipment. Some of the unique benefits of our MRI shields include:

  • Radio frequency (RF) and magnetic field attenuation
  • Modular enclosures that can be adapted to fit any space
  • Option for freestanding or parent room ceiling supported enclosures
  • Expandable enclosures that can accommodate future MRI magnets
  • Enclosures that support interior finishes and systems

We can also provide fast and professional on-site installation, and you can be assured of years of service because our MRI shielding components are custom-made and designed to be the most durable systems in the industry. Plus, our MRI shielding installation is done by experienced professionals who specialize in providing timely service with your total satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Our MRI shielding installation services include complete turn-key solutions with the design, manufacture, installation and testing of your system. We can also provide MRI shielding accessories, such as power and telephone filters, radio frequency air vents, Cryogen RF waveguide pipes, penetration panels with connectors, copper ground planes, removable panels for magnet entry, ceiling hatches and more.

Because we can customize a MRI shielding enclosure based on your floor layout and MRI equipment, you can be assured of getting a perfect fit from components that were specifically designed to meet your individual needs. The prefabricated modular systems we sell are comprised of 26-gauge galvanized steel laminated to the wood core surface. And the steel plates used are constructed of mill-certified 1006 low carbon steel and welded or bolted together by professionals with years of experience. You cannot have a quality product without using the best materials available, and that’s part of what makes our MRI shields such a great value.

We are also serious about MRI shielding safety, and all of our enclosures exceed MRI vendor attenuation limits while also providing additional shielding in the VHF-UHF frequencies. Plus, our enclosures can be disassembled and reassembled with absolutely no loss of integrity. And our systems have a fire rating Class A interior finish.

In addition to custom MRI shield enclosures, we can provide shielded doors and custom RF shielded windows. We can even customize shielded skylights for larger viewing areas.

That all adds up to the finest MRI shielding enclosures you can buy, and we have some of the best prices you will find. Contact us today for more information about buying and installing MRI shielding.

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