Discovery MR750 3.0T System

The GE Discovery MR750 3.0T is a whole body magnetic resonance imaging scanner designed to support high resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio and fast scan times. This MRI system features a superconducting magnet that operates at 3.O Tesla. It is equipped with a data acquisition system that can accommodate up to 32 independent receive channels in various increments and multiple independent coil elements per channel during a single acquisition series. This MRI system has had greater accuracy and image clarity compared to prior MRI systems in its class.
The GE Discovery MR750 3.0T will provide you with remarkable and detailed images. When using this MRI system, your patients will receive the comprehensive imaging that is needed to make an accurate exam. By using this system, you will provide your patients with a faster routine or advanced exam. You will be able to setup your patient in less than a minute and start your exam with just a few simple steps.
Product Features

  • One of the most efficient MRI scanners available
  • Makes your routines faster than the industry standard
  • Provides higher accuracy and more reproducible exams
  • Get 60% more anatomical coverage

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