TOSHIBA Opart MRI Equipment

The Toshiba Opart machine is an MRI system with a .35T cyrogenless magnet that provides you with superconducting performance. The Opart is equipped with an open design that allows all-around patient access for more comfort. It has been designed to serve the needs of your larger patients or those that are claustrophobic. It also can be used with a range of coils for head-to-toe imaging capabilities. The Opart also allows for MRI exams that have not been possible with the common base type of magnets.
The Toshiba Opart is very fast and easy to use. It will offer you clinical versatility and access to advanced applications. The Opart uses advanced technology that will provide your patients with superior image quality that offers your provides reliability and consistency. This MRI system has incorporated the latest advances in gradient, RF and technology to deliver use of advanced clinical applications.
Product Features

  • Uses patient friendly technology
  • Provides a wide variety of general MRI exams
  • Equipped with a four sided open design to accommodate more patients
  • Advanced clinical applications

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