Toshiba Excelart Vantage Atlas 1.5T MRI System

The Toshiba Excelart Vantage Atlas machine is a 1.5 tesla MRI system. This machine has a 1.4m short bore magnet with a 55cm FOV. The Excelart Vantage has been designed to provide fast and comfortable exams. This machine has a wide opening of 655mm with adjustable lights and ventilation to ease the anxiety in those patients who are claustrophobic.
The Toshiba Excelart Vantage has been equipped with a 128 element system to meet the demands that are necessary to provide high-resolution images with fast scan times to enable you to make a quick and reliable diagnosis. This machine has also been equipped with the Pianissimo technology to eliminate up to 90% of acoustic noise to provide even more comfort for your patients. When you buy the Toshiba Excelart Vantage Atlas, you will also have the ability to scan 80 percent of the patient, feet first.
Product Features

  • Produces high-resolution images
  • Ultra short and ultra wide bore system
  • Adjustable lighting and ventilation
  • Large field of view

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